Supreme Quality Arix Segmented Diamond Blades (WTSX) - SPECIAL SALE
Vortex Diamond WTSX supreme quality Arix segmented diamond blade is designed for superior performance on a wide range of cutting applications. It is an excellent do-it-all type of blade for the user who cuts a variety of materials on a...
$199.00 from $65.00
Premium Quality Wide U Slot Segments Diamond Blades (WSUS) for Masonry, Brick and Concrete
WSUS series main character is great for masonry on milter saws.  Premium quality with 10mm height segments wide U slots, to insure fast aggressive cutting in variety of hard concrete and masonry.  Laser welded, can be used wet or dry.
$265.00 $39.00
PRO-PC Premium Pro Concrete Cutting Diamond Blade For Walk Behind Saw
Vortex Diamond premium pro concrete cutting blades have tall segments and high quality diamond to provide speed and long life in cured concrete, reinforced concrete. * Three bonds available to insure performance in each application. P01 Soft Bond for Hard...
$359.00 from $99.00
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