• How to use the diamond core bits

    How to use the diamond core bits

    A diamond core bit is a tool used for drilling holes in hard materials such as concrete, stone, and masonry. Here are the steps to use a diamond core bit: Choose the right diamond core bit: Make sure you have the right size and type of diamond core bit for the material you are drilling. The size of the bit should match the diameter...
  • Global Diamond Tools Market 2020 Key Drivers, Research Objectives, Future Prospects and Growth Potential to 2025

    Published: March 2, 2021 at 2:58 p.m. ET
  • The ARA Show - Focus on the Future

    The ARA Show - Focus on the Future

    The ARA Show - Focus on the Future The ARA Show™ … it’s the time and place to ‘Focus on the Future’ and reconnect with your rental peers in 2021. This trade show and convention delivers value through education, networking and connecting buyers and sellers of equipment, services, and supplies. Join us Oct. 17-20, 2021 as we return to Las Vegas for the first...
  • Diamond Blade Dos & Don'ts

    Diamond Blade Dos & Don'ts

    Avoid common mistakes to get the most out of your blades and saws. By: Rebecca Kanable contributing writer Diamond blades get beat up in a variety of ways. They get burned, stuck (and then hit with a hammer), bent and broken. It's not pretty and it's not good practice. Whether you're using a diamond blade on a gas-powered saw, electric hand saw or walk-behind saw, a...
  • Diamond Saw Blade Recommended Operation Speed(RPM)

    Diamond Saw Blade Recommended Operation Speed(RPM)

    Recommended operating speeds for diamond blades are based on the blade size and the type of material to be cut. For optimum blade life and cutting speed, the actual operating speed will most like have to be adjusted for the type of aggregate and the amount of steel encountered.
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