PRO-HYB Premium Pro Concrete Cutting Diamond Blade
Vortex Diamond pro concrete cutting blades have tall segments and high quality diamond to provide speed and long life in reinforced concrete.  These blades are to be used on walk behind saws. The blade has hydraulic saw pins. Blades are laser welded. Segment...
from $119.99
Sandwich Silent Core Masonry Cutting Diamond Blades (WPSM)
WPSM series is a laser welded supreme quality general purpose diamond blade especially great for the masonry saws, The blade has a sandwich silent core, which can reduce the cutting noise by 50%.  WPSM series has 12mm tall segments, medium bond for...
$229.00 from $137.40
12-20 inch Laser Welded Diamond Saw Blades for Asphalt Cutting
Description: Our 12-20 inch diamond saw blades are designed for cutting asphalt with precision and efficiency. The laser welded technology ensures a strong bond between the diamond segments and the blade, increasing its durability and reducing the risk of segment...
$135.00 from $81.00
Professional Wall Saw Blade With Long Year Bolt Patten
  PRO-WS series is a laser welded supreme quality wall saw cutting diamond blade,  with a 10mm tall segments and long year bolt Patten, three different bond option for cutting different kind of concrete, such as the various types of reinforced concrete structure buildings'...
$800.00 from $480.00
Premium Quality Wide U Slot Segments Diamond Blades (WSUS) for Masonry, Brick and Concrete
WSUS series main character is great for masonry on milter saws.  Premium quality with 10mm height segments wide U slots, to insure fast aggressive cutting in variety of hard concrete and masonry.  Laser welded, can be used wet or dry.
$265.00 $39.00
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