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High-Efficiency 1-14 Inch Wet Diamond Core Drill Bits for General Purpose Applications
Looking for high-quality, efficient diamond core drill bits that are perfect for general-purpose applications? Look no further than our 1-14 inch wet diamond core drill bits! Here are some key features and benefits of our diamond core drill bits: High-quality...
$61.00 from $36.60
Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Tipped Professional Circular Saw Blade for Fiber Cement and Laminate Flooring
The Polycrystalline Diamond PCD tipped circular saw blade design for Fiber Cement and Laminate Flooring as well as other wooden products, which offers up to 15X times longer cutting life than standard carbide blades. The thin kerf design gives fast and precise cuts...
$79.00 from $46.90
Supreme Quality Versatile Slant Segmented Combo Diamond Blades Super G
WTRC series blade main character is "a great combo blade", his nick name is "Red Combo" Supreme quality versatile slant-segmented diamond blade is designed for superior performance on a wide range of cutting applications. It is an excellent do-it-all type of...
$179.00 from $107.40
Vortex Diamond J-Slot Dry/Wet Diamond Blade for Porcelain, Ceramic Tile, Stone and Similar Materials
Use supreme quality diamond for fast cutting porcelain tile, ceramic tile, granite, marble, slate, terrazzo, engineered stone and similar materials. Thin (1.4mm) cutting rim improves cutting performance and results in the best cut. Laser-cut J-Shape slots are used for cooling...
$24.00 from $14.40
10 Inch Green Samurai AZ Diamond Blade Abrasive Bond for Asphalt Green Concrete
High Light: 250mm 10 Inch Turbo Saw Blade,  250mm 10 Inch Concrete Diamond Saw Blade,  Segmented Rim Concrete Diamond Saw Blade   The green Samurai diamond blade has a ribbed core to reduce friction and keep superior tension, even when cutting at full depth....
$160.00 from $80.00
WPDB Dry Drill Core Bits with Diamond Aligned Segment for Brick Concrete Masonry
Vortex Diamond provides supreme grade laser welded dry drill core bits with high concentration diamond aligned segments. It is designed for for dry drilling soft brick, soft masonry, concrete block using hand-held tools. Solid poured concrete is not commended. Laser cut coolant...
from $45.99
14 Inch Undercut Segments Diamond Asphalt Cutting Blade
High Light: Diamond Asphalt Cutting Blade,  14 Inch Diamond Asphalt Cutting Blade,  14 Inch 350mm Abrasive Cut Off Saw Blades   VSHA14 is a premium quality hot-pressed diamond blade with versatile slant-segments, designed for superior performance on asphalt and other abrasives cutting application...
$100.00 from $60.00
Sandwich Silent Core Masonry Cutting Diamond Blades (WPSM)
WPSM series is a laser welded supreme quality general purpose diamond blade especially great for the masonry saws, The blade has a sandwich silent core, which can reduce the cutting noise by 50%.  WPSM series has 12mm tall segments, medium bond for...
$229.00 from $137.40
Supreme Quality Concrete Cutting Ring Saw Diamond Blade
Vortex Diamond WTRS supreme quality segmented ring saw diamond blade is designed for a wide range of cutting applications. It can run on either a hydraulic or gas powered saw; All blades come with a new drive wheel; Laser welded. The...
$255.00 $153.00
Double Row Diamond Grinding Wheel General Purpose Grinding and Removal
  Vortex Diamond cup wheels are designed for grinding and smoothing a wide variety of materials. From concrete to mortar to remove glues, mastics and epoxies. Premium grade with higher diamond concentration for longer life and higher speed. Each cup is...
$40.00 from $24.00
Tuck Point Saw Blade for Mortar and Concrete Routing and Cleaning
  1. VSKP Series Tuck Point Description Vortex Diamond VSKP series is designed for repairing grout in mortar or cracks in concrete/ asphalt by grinding, routing and cleaning out the joint on masonry walls or pavement. 2.Specificaiton of VSKP Series Tuck...
$33.00 from $19.80
Diamond Saw Blades With Under Cut Protection Segments for Asphalt and Abrasive Materials(VSPA)
Diamond Saw Blades With Under Cut Protection Segments for Asphalt and Abrasive Material 1. Diamond Saw Blade Description VSHA series diamond blade is a kind of sintered diamond blade which consists of a solid steel core surrounded by a circular...
$100.00 from $60.00

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Tile Cutting Blade

Super thin mess continue rim, designed for ceramic tile with no chips. NO FOR CONCRETE!!!

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Stone Cutting Blade

Designed for granite, marble and all kinds of stones with smooth and fast cutting

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Construction Material Cutting

Designed for all kinds of construction material cutting, such as the concrete, block, brick and masonry. NO TILE!!!

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High Speed Blade

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Masonry Blade

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High Horse Power Blade

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